Alpaca Soil Additive



Butterfield Alpaca Ranch’s Alpaca Soil Additive is an excellent source of nutrients for optimal soil and plant health.
– No need to age or compost
– No weeds
– Nearly odorless
– Harmless to pets

** Nitrogen 1%, Potassium 2%, Phosphorus 1% **

This listing is for one 2.5lb bag of dried alpaca manure, also known as “black gold”. The alpaca has a very efficient digestive system which returns a great recyclable product that your plants will love!

Although you can blend the beans directly into the soil, we have packaged them in a burlap bag so you can brew alpaca plant tea. To make the tea, place the burlap bag in a 5-gallon bucket with water, seep for a week or two, and remove the bag. Dilute the tea prior to use. We recommend 1 cup tea to 1 gallon of water. Pour or spray over plants every time you water or periodically as needed.

Also available in larger quantities – by the bucket or truckload.
Interested in Soil Additive mixed with straw or hay? We have that too!

New supply created daily!!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 4 in


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