Alpaca Rugs 2'x3'

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Our Alpaca Rugs are beautiful, artisanal, and made to last. They add a warm accent and feel to your home while being naturally water-repellent, stain-resistant, fire-retardant, and give you that oh-so-soft feel under your feet. We use the fiber from our own herd that's too coarse for our luxury yarns and make these stunning rugs so that nothing goes to waste.

  • Alpaca fiber is spun around a jute core and hand-woven on a traditional weaving loom.
  • These rugs last a lifetime and are easy to maintain.
  • Naturally water-repellent
  • Naturally stain-resistant
  • Naturally fire-retardant
  • Untouched, natural colors
  • Grown & made in the USA!

Cleaning instructions: Use a vacuum with the smooth surface attachment or spot clean with mild soap as needed.

We've named each style after an alpaca in our herd who grows the dominant color of the rug.

Base: heathered fawn
Accents: black, brown, and natural white
Trim: natural white fringe

Base: heathered fawn 
Trim: natural white fringe

Base: half fawn, half brown 
Accents: fawn, brown, natural white, and black
Trim: gray

Base: fawn 
Accents: brown
Trim: gray

Base: fawn 
Accents: brown and natural white
Trim: gray