Discover Your Alpaca Life workbook

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When considering owning alpacas, the research phase of your journey is the most critical. How well you manage this research process directly affects the success of your future alpaca life. The DISCOVER YOUR ALPACA LIFE workbook is designed to guide you through the hilltops and valleys of alpaca research and give you a solid foundation to build your future. You will discover your motivation in your alpaca journey, what resources are available to you, what questions to ask, and where to get the answers. As you fill in this 46-page workbook, you will not only be creating an invaluable asset for building your alpaca life but you will get clear on where you fit in the alpaca industry.  

BONUS: the purchase of this workbook includes the Discover Your Alpaca Life Mini-Course where you will receive tips to help you in your research process.

Authored by Tashia Butterfield, 11-year alpaca owner and CEO of Butterfield Alpaca Ranch.

This workbook is a downloadable PDF, making it customizable to your journey. Choose to use it digitally in programs like GoodNotes, Notion, or OneNote, or print it off and place it in a binder. So many possibilities!